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A Rambling Writer Rerun: Return to Playa Sonrisa, part 2

Join Thor and me as we snorkel in one of our favorite spots in the world — the “Blue Lagoon” in the marine preserve near remote Xcalak, Mexico. Another Geezer Adventure.

NOTE: Due to major body and computer/camera breakdowns during the fall and winter, it’s difficult to get new photo essays up. Thor and I just too another healing trip to Playa Sonrisa, so replaying highlights of our 2022 trip, when we returned to Playa Sonrisa (Beach of Smiles) after the pandemic. It’s always healing, and it’s our special place not only because we celebrated our Luna de Miel (Honeymoon) there, but because it’s remote from tourist frenzy. There are miles of nearly deserted beach where we can just step over the sand and swim out to the reef for snorkeling among colorful fish.

Since Thor and I are both dealing with shoulder/neck issues and can’t use our arms much for our usual swimming, snorkeling in the calm, shallow water of the Blue Lagoon (our name for this spot) was ideal. We could just lie in the warm sea and kick with our fins to explore the coral outcrops and reef. And this time of year, the sea was very calm. Below is elkhorn coral:

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