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A Rambling Writer Rerun: Return to Playa Sonrisa, part 1

Thor and I return to our favorite Caribbean beach and reef for snorkeling and some important celebrations. Another Geezer Adventure.

NOTE: It’s been an intense four years starting with the pandemic and extended family losses, way too many surgeries for Thor and me, and my two difficult skirmishes with recurrent never-smoker lung cancer. On the plus side, we persevered through insane permitting delays in getting our Salish Seaside dream home built, and are so grateful to be living here where we watch whales, eagles, and more. I’m especially thankful to be regaining strength after my recent exhausting chemo/radiation treatments, and the prospect of returning to Playa Sonrisa has kept me going. Not to mention the wonderful care from my hero-husband Thor, and the support of family and friends, including my Book View Cafe “family.” Here’s to celebrating Thor’s and my fifteenth official wedding anniversary! We’re back at Playa and mostly offline as you read this, but here’s a recap of our trip two years ago.

Playa Sonrisa (Beach of Smiles) will always be our special place, not only because we loved our Luna de Miel (Honeymoon) there, but because it’s remote from tourist hustle bustle, and we can just step over the sand from the beachfront cottage to swim out to the protective reef for snorkeling among colorful fish.

The trip to the farthest SE tip of the Mexican Yucatan (5 hours driving south of Cancun on increasingly rough roads) takes 2 days from our Pacific Northwest corner. We usually stay the first night at the airport hotel, where they were honoring the Dia de los Muertos (our flight was the day after).

After stocking up on snacks and other essentials, we headed south in the blustery wake of a tropical storm, finishing our drive in the dark over the last section of rutted dirt “jungle road.” Waking the next morning, I enjoyed the view from our bedroom:

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