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The Month of Cats

For the last four feline residents of this house, December has been the Coming Home month.

The Month of Cats began when I fell in love with a Christmas Kitten – admittedly Boboko and his sister Laptop (don’t look at me my husband named her) came to me when they were eight or nine weeks old, so in early March of the year following the Christmas on which they were both born, but they were definitely December Cats, and my beloved Boboko was a most precious Christmas gift. He was my absolute shadow, following me around everywhere I went, we knew we were meant for each other the moment I clapped eyes on this furball with four fat feet and this preposterous stump of a tail – he grew into what I called a min-Coon, a very Maine Coonish cat full of  floof and a full plume like tail (I don’t know where that all came from , given what we started out with…) He was beautiul but he never played with a full deck and the joke was that his sister Laptop swiped half his tail and most of his brains while they were sharing the womb (she was as fiercely intelligent as he was dumb and sweet).


Boboko lost what remained of his tiny mind when he was only nine years old,and came toa horrible and untimely end for which I still feel guilty and griefstricken about – he trusted me to the end, and it was I who held him when the light of life left his eyes. That left us with Laptop, solo. I was inconsolable and broken hearted and it took me a year to even consider the possibility that poor Laptop might be better off with a companion and that it was maybe time to find another friend – not a replacement for Boboko, there could never be one of those, but a new little furry soul to love.

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