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Ursula Chases Flying Squirrels #5

by Ursula K. Le Guin

Mars Probe Launched

“It’s not your father’s rover,” Mars program director Doug McCuistion told the Orlando Sentinel. (From Slate, 27 Nov. 2011)

My father’s rover was launched in 1946 from a silo in Topeka and was never seen again, although many persons in southern Kansas mentioned unexplained yelping noises overhead that day.




Out Here coverUrsula K. Le Guin is a founding member of Book View Cafe. One of her recent books is Out Here: Poems and Images from Steens Mountain Country, co-authored with photographer Roger Dorband.

She contributed an original poem, “In England in the Fifties,” to Book View Café’s anthology Breaking Waves, which benefits the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.


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