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  • The Wedding Question by Patricia Rice
    A Crystal Magic Novella
  • The Wedding Surprise by Patricia Rice
    Can their love survive an unanticipated bundle of joy?
  • Thistle Down by Irene Radford
    Pixie Chronicles, Book One. Pixies don't play tricks on other Pixies. That's what humans are for.

    Thistle Down

    $4.99 Learn More
  • Wayward Angel by Patricia Rice
    She could be swept forever out of his reach–unless he offers her his hardened heart
  • Wedding Gems by Patricia Rice
    Three novellas about a cozy mountain town filled with love, mystery, and ghosts...

    Wedding Gems

    $7.99 Learn More
  • What Lies Beneath by Marissa Doyle
    War. Spies. Gossip and lies. Mythical creatures. Falling in love. And it's still only July.
  • Whistle While You Plow by Irene Radford
    Whistling River Lodge Mysteries #2. What do you do when an antique tractor pull removes a tree stump with a corpse in the root ball that has been both shot and hung?
  • Whistling Bagpipes by Irene Radford
    Whistling River Lodge Mysteries #3. Two jealous boyfriends compete with the lodge of Glenna McClain's love.
  • Whistling Down the Wind by Irene Radford
    Whistling River Lodge Mysteries #1. Everyone in the small town of Whistling River, Oregon harbors secrets. Affairs. Embezzlement. Murder.