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Tag: psychics and telepathy

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  • Magic Man by Patricia Rice
    Can the hopes of a lonely laird be answered by a vicar’s daughter with magic in her hands?

    Magic Man

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  • Magical Crimes by Chris Dolley
    Seb Kemp is a psychic profiler with a problem.
    Short Fiction

    Magical Crimes

    $0.99 Learn More
  • Merely Magic by Patricia Rice
    Can a cynical scientist and an illogical enchantress find happiness?

    Merely Magic

    $5.99 Learn More
  • Moon Dreams by Patricia Rice
    What’s a blackguard to do when smitten by this virtuous beauty?

    Moon Dreams

    $4.99 Learn More
  • Moonstone Shadows by Patricia Rice
    They must risk their lives and their minds—and possibly their hearts
  • Much Ado About Magic by Patricia Rice
    Lady Sin is an innocent; Sir Trevelyan is far from it
  • Must Be Magic by Patricia Rice
    Can a perfumed enchantress and a surly agronomist work together?
  • Mystic Guardian by Patricia Rice
    A beautiful maiden washes ashore from the outside world...
  • Mystic Isle by Patricia Rice
    A novella-- Mystic Isle prequel Newly appointed priestess to the Temple of Aelynn, Tasia Olympus is burdened with the greatest task to face any leader—saving her acolytes from a tsunami and finding them a new home...

    Mystic Isle

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  • Mystic Rider by Patricia Rice
    Ian must choose between desire and duty—

    Mystic Rider

    $4.99 Learn More
  • Mystic Warrior by Patricia Rice
    The mystic Isle of Aelynn slowly gravitates toward the same disastrous fate as revolutionary Europe—its survival depends on returning an elusive treasure…
  • Night Calls by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel
    "When you have the Gift, your life is not your own."

    Night Calls

    $5.99 Learn More