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  • Betrayal at Brighton by Marissa Doyle
    The Ladies of Almack's: fighting supernatural crime since 1771...
  • Imperfect Rebel by Patricia Rice
    There’s more to life and love than either of them ever planned or dreamed
  • Islands by Sara Stamey
    To find the truth, she must work with her number one suspect
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  • Mystic Guardian by Patricia Rice
    A beautiful maiden washes ashore from the outside world...
  • Mystic Isle by Patricia Rice
    Priestess Tasia Olympus is burdened with saving her acolytes from a tsunami and finding them a new home...

    Mystic Isle

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  • Mystic Rider by Patricia Rice
    Ian must choose between desire and duty—

    Mystic Rider

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  • Mystic Warrior by Patricia Rice
    The mystic Isle of Aelynn slowly gravitates toward the same disastrous fate as revolutionary Europe—its survival depends on returning an elusive treasure…
  • Rebel Charm by Patricia Rice
    Mara Simon, trophy wife turned high-powered Hollywood producer, isn't about to let TJ McCloud, her first and only love, shutdown her beach-front movie set...

    Rebel Charm

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  • Risk of Love and Magic by Patricia Rice
    Fierce attraction forges an uneasy alliance as two desperate people fight to save the children
  • Skin Deep by Marissa Doyle
    Sometimes it's what's on the outside that matters

    Skin Deep

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  • Volcano by Patricia Rice
    Can they fight their way out of the jungle of their past and live to see the future?


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  • What Lies Beneath by Marissa Doyle
    War. Spies. Gossip and lies. Mythical creatures. Falling in love. And it's still only July.