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  • Bijou by Jill Zeller
    A drug made of living souls. Is immortality worth the cost?


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  • Carolina Rebel by Patricia Rice
    An ambitious MBA with a genius for opening her mouth when she shouldn't, Aurora Jenkins wants nothing more than to leave her suffocating rural hometown and return to the big city...
  • Cyber Genius by Patricia Rice
    Poison, passion, pandemonium!

    Cyber Genius

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  • Dragon and Phoenix by Sherwood Smith
    The martial arts epic series The Phoenix Feather sweeps to a triumphant close.
  • Evil Genius by Patricia Rice
    Call her a petite princess or a paranoid neurotic, either way, Anastasia Devlin has the instincts of a chameleon...

    Evil Genius

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  • Finding the Eye by Hunter Morrison
    Maxine uncovers her mother's secret and the mystery of her own birth.
  • The Phoenix Feather: Firebolt by Sherwood Smith
    Ryu, tired of disguises, cultivates her skills as she finds a new identity. . .


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  • Formidable Lord Quentin by Patricia Rice
    He's a tradesman; she's a marchioness. They have only one thing in common....
  • House of Birds by Steven Popkes
    Is a terraformed Venus full of dinosaurs worth it?
  • Sale! Kindred Spirits by Julianne Lee
    Shelby adores her new house, until she learns it’s haunted by a grieving Confederate soldier.

    Kindred Spirits

    Original price was: $4.99.Current price is: $3.99. Learn More
  • Much Ado About Magic by Patricia Rice
    Lady Sin is an innocent; Sir Trevelyan is far from it
  • The Phoenix Feather: Redbark by Sherwood Smith
    The second thrilling adventure in the Phoenix Feather series


    $5.95 Learn More