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Author Interview: Alma Alexander

Author Interview Alma Alexander Interviewed by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel https://AlmaAlexander.com https://bookviewcafe.com/bookstore/bvc-author/alma-alexander/ https://bookviewcafe.com/book/fractured-fairy-tales/ Alma Alexander has the resume to be a storyteller. She was born on the banks of the blue Danube in a country whose name is but a memory. She left that home at ten and lived in five countries on four continents before …

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The Name of the Prose, Part 2: The Name is Bond—James Bond

Ah, but what if it hadn’t been “James Bond”? What if the name Ian Fleming gave his super spy had been “Crane, Ichabod Crane?” Clearly, a name that worked for the nebbish, nervous protagonist of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow would not work for the decisive, suave hero of Fleming’s tales of espionage and danger.  …

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Author Interview: Shannon Page

Author Interview: Shannon Page Interviewed by Phyllis Irene Radford Shannon Page has been a member of Book View Café since 2013. Her collection of short fiction, Eastlick and Other Stories,https://bookviewcafe.com/book/eastlick-and-other-stories/ marked her debut with us. Since then, she has published several solo novels; an essay collection, I Was a Trophy Wife; https://bookviewcafe.com/book/i-was-a-trophy-wife/ and a collaborative …

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