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personal takes on life, the universe, and everything

An Exclusive Club

So, I just joined a very exclusive club – one which I never thought anything I wrote would get anywhere near. People, a county in Florida banned more than a thousand books in January of 2024. These included things like Agatha Christie mystries, the ever-vexed “Diary of Anne Frank” (which makes some people VERY uncomfortable…), […]

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End of Life

We have a small dog in the family, a shih tzu that we adopted as a rescue about thirteen years ago. This coming April, Penny will be seventeen years old. She was originally named “Princess” but that name just didn’t wash in the household. We renamed her Penny, keeping the hard “P” consonant to make

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The Other Side

I’ve been thinking about the Afterlife lately, the “Other Side.” Many of my friends have no doubt it exists, others have no doubt it doesn’t. I’m not sure, as there are compelling and interesting arguments either way. I know when my mother died in 1986, I prayed, mentally and emotionally demanding her to contact me,

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When It Changed

In the fall of 1974, about a week after I had moved into on-campus housing at Sonoma State University, I walked from my apartment to the main building to check for mail, then re-traced my steps to go to my car. My route skirted the pool. Many of my classmates were enjoying the California sunshine.

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Shit Happens

Shit Happens is the low culture way of saying C’est la vie, or life isn’t just a bed of roses. Or maybe it is. We’re curled up in luscious intoxicating carmine flowers armed with thorns. My last “Shit Happens” moment occurred two mornings ago when I was walking my dog Django on a loop I

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Time enough…

oh lord, it’s time to go running around changing all the clocks again. Look some people are afraid of the dark. I get it. That doesn’t mean that the dark WON’T COME, if you somehow re-label an hour and then hopefully insist that this has somehow changed the nature of the Earth’s rotation and that

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