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The Rambling Writer Returns to Playa Sonrisa, part 1

After three canceled trips due to pandemic and surgeries, Thor and I finally return to our favorite Caribbean beach and reef for snorkeling. Another Geezer Adventure. NOTE: Despite every possible vaccination and vigilant mask-wearing, I managed to pick up a bug (not Covid) on the way home, so this post will hit a few highlights …

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Om Nom Nom Nom

I love Thanksgiving food. I know it’s fashionable to hate on the usual turkey and gravy, but I love them. Green beans with almonds are a must. We do chopped potatoes tossed in oil and herbs and garlic and roasted in a pan on the grill rather than mashed potatoes, a very small dish of …

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Making a Further Spectacle of Yourself

Last month I discussed what the nearsighted young ladies of the 19th century did to avoid walking into walls and other people (though walking into a handsome young earl wouldn’t have been such a bad thing!).  This week, I thought it would fun to take a closer look at quizzing glasses and lorgnettes.