Tarot for Amateurs

Originally published September 2017 Do you have a tarot deck? I have three, but this in no way compares to friends of mine who own dozens—collectors, maybe, but definitely users of the fortune-telling cards. I am a pure amateur, but my favorite is the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini. I don’t know if users agree, …

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Dodged That Bullet

Originally published September 2020 Today it’s a two-dog, one-cat writing space. Outside blessedly cool coastal clouds ward off, with magical signage, the 90-plus days before and to come—ugh. The two dogs will alert me to phantom car-door closings and the approach of the TomTom Club—four tom wild turkeys who have made our little neighborhood their …

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Food Wars

Originally published January 2019 I recently listened to a lively call-in show on which experts (dieticians) and callers (complainers) discussed food politics. Among the many maladies that food and eating inflict on us were 1. the impact of food production on the environment, 2. the zeolousness of vegans and those who challenge the vegan diet, …

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Grace Slick

Memory Lane

Here’s one for a good laugh. Today my son pulled down from the garage rafters the ten or so leaf bags full of rock tour t-shirts Dale had stashed over the past forty or so years. The bags were crumbling into big plastic flakes, but the shirts inside were all in pretty good shape. Except …

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Oh, the Ennui!

The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, a popular weekly magazine published in London between 1822 and 1847, ran the following short piece in its November 26, 1825 issue which got me giggling–I hope it will do the same to you! The Journal of an Indolent Lady “I know a young lady who has very …

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