Grace Slick

Memory Lane

Here’s one for a good laugh. Today my son pulled down from the garage rafters the ten or so leaf bags full of rock tour t-shirts Dale had stashed over the past forty or so years. The bags were crumbling into big plastic flakes, but the shirts inside were all in pretty good shape. Except …

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Oh, the Ennui!

The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, a popular weekly magazine published in London between 1822 and 1847, ran the following short piece in its November 26, 1825 issue which got me giggling–I hope it will do the same to you! The Journal of an Indolent Lady “I know a young lady who has very …

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BVC Eats: A Quantifiable Kitchen (and a recipe)

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates Just around the corner from us is asuburban home that has actually appeared on Google Maps as “The Quantified House”. It is inhabited (inevitably: this is Silicon Valley, after all) by techbros, and they use All The Apps There Are to measure everything that is measurable: …

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The Plant Rejects the Gardener (and it can be just the same with writing, too)

Let me be clear, I am a truly rotten gardener. It’s not just plants; whole trees have died under my care. To be fair to myself, I’m a Brit transposed to California, in the middle of the worst drought on record. It’s seriously hard to do well here and save water at the same time; …

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Counting Birds

Originally published Winter, 2018 and revived because I missed the Christmas Bird Count again. . . .drat. For the past 3 years, I have spent a cold day in winter counting birds. Amateur bird-watcher that I am—not a “birder” in that I don’t devote hours of my life learning bird song even though I wish …

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