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BVC Eats: Salma Hayek’s Frozen kiwi mezcal coctel

I saw Salma Hayek in a YouTube video showing how to make this. Had to try it. This is very high octane, possibly because she didn’t measure the mezcal, and I didn’t either.

I’ve adapted it a little bit by freezing the kiwis to get the ice out but keep it frozen.

Serves 2

Three whole kiwis, skinned and frozen
3 T fresh mint leaves
1 or 2 inches fresh gingerroot, unpeeled
(orig: 3 fistfuls of ice)
About 6 oz sparkling water
3 t sugar
Mezcal to taste – Salma uses Salvacion mezcal, I use Banhez

Put all that in a blender. Blend until smooth.

This makes a lightly green, icy smoothie that will have you counting the legs on the flies on the ceiling, because you will be lying on your back. Possibly singing.


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