Confessions of a Ballroom Diva

Confessions of a Ballroom Diva by Irene Radford

Artistic Demons: #1
by Irene Radford
ISBN 978-1-61138-756-8

A BVC Original

What’s a Psychic Vampire to do when she discovers the judge of her dancing competition is the ex-lover who staked her?

Living in the shadows, Psychic Vampire Janet Dryer was a killer addicted to Soul Fire–until her lover tried to kill her at Woodstock in 1969. These days, she haunts exotic night clubs and draws energy from throbbing drums.

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Being Real

Being Real by Sherwood Smith

by Sherwood Smith
$1.25 (Novelette) ISBN 978-1-61138-176-4

Lys and her family win a chance to be a “real family” on reality TV. That means real money, desperately needed in the rotten economy these days, but they only get that money as long as they stay on the air. What can they do to be real enough to please the viewers?