Local Magics

Local Magics by Jennifer Stevenson

Four fantasy, magical, and pagan stories
by Jennifer Stevenson
(Collection) ISBN 978-1-61138-896-1

Everything magical fits together if we can see clearly enough.

Four liminal short stories by Jennifer Stevenson:

“Solstice” A young guitarist turns the year with her bare hands.

“The Riddle Curse” The goddess struggles to reunite with her two husbands.

“Tragesangre” Bigamy only hurts when you’re mortal.

“An Interactive Lecture on the Magical Planet Saturn” A dreamer and his magical instructress travel between planes from the Moon to Saturn and home again.


Laldasa: Beloved Slave

by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
ISBN 978-0-9828440-8-3


Laldasa is Sanskrit for “beloved slave” — a fitting title for a story of class boundaries, racial prejudices and the one power capable of overcoming them. It’s the story of one small woman battling a political machinery over which she has no control and one supposedly powerful man who realizes that he is as much a pawn of the machinery as the casteless woman he befriends.

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