Revenge of the Killer Flamingos: A-D-H-D! Oh! Look! A Mystery!

Revenge of the Killer Flamingos by Patricia Burroughs

A-D-H-D! Oh! Look! A mystery!
by Patricia Burroughs
$2.99! (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-766-7
A BVC Original at a Special Launch Price!
($3.99 regular price)

A! D! H! D! Oh! Look! A mystery!

MJ O’Malley is impulsive, easily distractible, and even more easily bored. But when a hot lawyer hires her to create a flash mob and people start dropping dead–by flamingo?–well, murder in Pisgah Cove, North Carolina is the brightest, shiniest object to capture her attention ever!
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The Rapture Effect

by Jeffrey A. Carver
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-479-6 

War between the stars.

It was started by an AI, and few humans even knew there was a war at all. But now people are dying, not just robots and aliens—and the AI wants it to stop. But a war is easier to start than to stop, and the computer can’t alter its course without outside help. When the Gnostic Control System searches for conspirators, it chooses its friends carefully…

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