Remalna’s Children: Sample

Remalnas Children by Sherwood SmithBeauty
by Sherwood Smith

There ought to be a law that princesses must be pretty.

I mean, what use are mages and their arts if they can’t make up a spell to fix nature’s mistakes?


Is that the last thing I wrote in this journal?

So much has happened since I penned that, I don’t know if I ought to laugh or run howling to the mountains.

But still, I didn’t write that so long ago that I don’t still feel twinges of what I felt then.

Just consider the three of us. My older brother Alaraec and my younger sister Oria are both gorgeous: tall, gray-eyed, with long, ordered pale locks just like Father’s. Not that they care. They could have been born
squat as pillows, with noses like spoiled potatoes, and squinty crescent eyes like mine that look like you’re laughing even when you’re not, and they wouldn’t have cared, because my brother is too busy learning kingship and my sister’s greatest desire is to go learn magic at the Dyranarya Academy, on the plateau in Western Sartor, as soon as she turns fourteen.

That left me, the one who minded very much having a  face as round as a full moon with a body shaped like one of the practice lances down in the courtyard.

Hair? No, I didn’t get the blond locks, or Mother’s wonderful auburn, which I like much better than lemon colored. My hair—alone in the family–is too dark and dull for blond, but too dull and washed out to be brown.

So did I get any sympathy?

“Stay away from mirrors,” my brother said impatiently.


Remalnas Children by Sherwood SmithTwo Novellas of Sartorias Deles
by Sherwood Smith
$1.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-147-4

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