Gray to Black: Sample

Gray to Black by Brenda W. Cloughby Brenda W. Clough

Laurel shuffled barefoot and sticky to the door, Missy scampering ahead of her. Coffee, that’s what she needed — her standard three daily cups of java. She pulled open the apartment door and realized she was still asleep after all, sprawled on the unmade bed. This was a scene from a movie! One of her favorites — ET. She recognized the white plastic sheeting draping and carpeting the hallway and stair, and the dozens of guys in white spacey suits. Down beyond the lobby mailboxes the plastic tunnel thing was attached to the building exit, and she could hear the scary whooshy air pump on the soundtrack. She smiled. “Which one of you is the cute FBI guy?”

Somebody flung a plastic sheet over Missy. “Roll it, roll it! OK, into the cage, quick!”

The cat’s howl of fury made Laurel blink awake for a moment. “Hey!”

“Oh Jesus.” “Is that the cyst?” “She’s barefoot! Jesus.” “It is the cyst! This is going to be bad — get the CDC guy, stat!”

It was difficult to understand what was happening. Through their thick plastic face plates she could see them staring at her. At her foot.


by Brenda W. Clough
$1.99 (Short Story) ISBN 978-1-61138-100-9

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