Evil Genius

Family Genius Mystery: Book 1
by Patricia Rice
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(Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-042-2

Call her a petite princess or a paranoid neurotic, either way, Anastasia Devlin has the instincts of a chameleon. She can disappear into the woodwork, share tea with a queen, or flatten a thug with one swift kick, but what she really wants is to provide her dysfunctional younger siblings with the security of the home she’s been denied…

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Monroe’s Test

Monroe's Test by Jill Zeller

by Jill Zeller
$6.99 1.99 Limited Time!
ISBN 978-1-61138-593-9
A BVC Original

The emergence of a long lost Marilyn Monroe screen test for Alfred Hitchcock overturns a young woman’s life, and the violent secret kept by the man who loves her threatens both of them.

After losing her sister in a terrible climbing accident, Sydney Wormley’s life spins out of control. But lately things are looking up. She’s broken it off with her married boss and has begun dating handsome Adam Gray.

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Speculative Journeys

by Irene Radford
$3.99 $2.29 Limited Time!
(Collection) ISBN 978-1-61138-432-1

In Speculative Journeys, Irene Radford extends her short story collections into science fiction and contemporary fantasy with fourteen tales both old and new.
Why is time-travel reserved for wealthy tourists and forbidden to historians?

Can a spaceship captain keep secrets from her communication officer who speaks every language in the universe–even ones without words?

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Stranger by Rachel Manjia Brown and Sherwood Smith

The Change Series: Book One
by Rachel Manija Brown & Sherwood Smith
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(Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-743-8

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic frontier town of Las Anclas, where the sheriff possesses superhuman strength, the doctor can warp time to heal his patients, and the distant ruins bristle with deadly crystal trees. In the deserts outside of town, teenage prospector Ross Juarez’s best find ever – an ancient book he doesn’t know how to read – nearly costs him his life when a bounty hunter is set on him to kill him and steal the book. Ross barely makes it to Las Anclas, bringing with him a precious artifact, a power no one has ever had before, and a whole lot of trouble.

Originally published by Viking (2014)


“…The five dynamic narrators and action-packed plot deliver thrills while slyly undermining genre cliches. A first-rate page turner that leaves its own compelling afterimage.” —Kirkus, Starred Review

The Change Series:

Traitor (forthcoming)

Download an Ebook Sample of Book Two: Hostage: