Ria Loader

Ria-Loader-AuthorRia Loader has led a diverse and fantastical magical life on both sides of the Pacific Ocean – Sydney and Seattle. As a kid, she explored the Australian Bush, rambled along the sea-shore picking up sticks and colorful stones, and survived the usual amount of deadly Australian animals, snakes and spiders along the way. She traveled to Seattle for the most important reason – Love – and found her family of the heart in Seattle.

Ria writes fantasy novels and contributes heavily to nonfiction about magic, divination, and pagan practices. She has worked for a major art exhibition, has managed a circus, teaches meditation and communication, and holds down a full-time job as a web interaction designer at Microsoft. She writes and illustrates her own stories for children and adults about Australian animals who live in a mythical place called Billabong Flats, where everyone who is strange and different gets along and has wonderful adventures.

Look for her on her website. Find beautiful art, and other merchandise based on her illustrations at https://sagedepot.com.



Billabong Flats 1

Billabong Flats 1 by Ria Loader

Australian animal tales
by Ria Loader
ISBN 978-1-61138-934-0

A BVC Original

Can weird Australian animals come together in friendship to dream a world where all can share adventure and fun?

At Billabong Flats, a mythic world set in the Australian Bush, animal friends come together for adventures and to have fun. The spirit of the Land speaks through them so they can understand each other. They learn each other’s ways and come together in peace. A story for children, and the child in all of us.

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