Wizardry of Jewish Women

by Gillian Polack
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-685-1

Pink tutus, sarcasm, amulets and bushfires: that is suburban fantasy in Australian cities. It is magic.

Life is never quite what it seems, even without the lost family heritage delivered to Judith and Belinda in boxes.

Judith (who owns the haunted lemon tree and half the boxes) wants an ordinary life. Mostly.

Belinda wants to not be so very worthy. If Belinda weren’t Judith’s sister, and if it wasn’t for bushfires and bigots, Belinda’s life would be perfectly ordinary. Judith will tell you so. You don’t even have to ask.

Belinda’s friend Rhonda has a superpower. Each time she sees the future or reveals deep secrets, seekers for the ‘New Nostradamus’ come closer to destroying her life. Her hold on normalcy is very fragile. So is her hold on safety.

Judith and Rhonda are haunted, Judith by her past and Rhonda by her gift of prophecy. Will they ever come into the sunshine and find happiness?

Originally published by Satalyte (2016)


“Wryly humorous, very human and steeped in both suburban realities and fantastical strangeness, The Wizardry of Jewish Women moves from quietly engaging to absolutely gripping before reaching its satisfying conclusion.

“It’s a fabulous little book. You should read it.” –Narrelle M. Harris, Mortal Words.

“This book has the same character magic that Downton Abbey has. I haven’t read such a fine character piece since The Lion Trees. We get to see the beauty of life, the ugliness, the ineptness and the trite. Everything that makes life so precious is laid out on display in a manner that you can’t help but admire.” –Literary Litter

“One of Gillian Polack’s great strengths is finding the magical in the mundane and the mundane in the magical.” –Aurealis magazine #100

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