Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries Volumes 1-3

First three books in the series
by Patrice Greenwood
$16.99 (Omnibus) ISBN 978-1-61138-542-7

A boxed set of three cozy mysteries. With recipes!

A FATAL TWIST OF LEMON (book 1): Cops drink coffee.

They don’t belong in Ellen Rosings’s Victorian tearoom. But when her opening day thank-you tea ends in the murder of the president of the Santa Fe Preservation Trust, the police invade her haven.

A SPRIG OF BLOSSOMED THORN (book 2): Notorious for failed relationships.

Ellen Rosings knows that’s true of cops. Despite her misgivings, she is drawn to Tony Aragon , but can he reach past a cop’s cynicism to trust her? When Maria Garcia breathes her last in the tearoom’s front parlor, was it murder, merely misfortune, or–as Tony suggests–was it a crime of racial hatred?

AN ARIA OF OMENS (book 3): A cop at the opera…

Wisteria Tearoom owner Ellen Rosings coaxes Detective Tony Aragon to go with her to the Santa Fe Opera, but the magnificent performance of Tosca ends in disaster. In bizarre counterpoint to the opera’s plot, the leading man is murdered in his dressing room, and Tony must rush to secure the crime scene.

Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries:
~ A Fatal Twist of Lemon
~ A Sprig of Blossomed Thorn
~ An Aria of Omens
~ A Bodkin for the Bride
~ A Masquerade of Muertos

Short Fiction:
“Intermezzo: Spirit Matters”