Win, Lose, Draw

Win, Lose, Draw by Sara Stamey

Book 2 of Cybers Wild Card
by Sara Stamey
ISBN 978-1-61138-910-4

The Cybers that control a peaceful but static galaxy have calculated all the odds. Except they’ve just unleashed a wild-card rebel spy.

KurtisP385XL47Ruth: Game Changer. Prodigal daughter. Spy.

The Resistance coil is heating up on the primitive forest-world Andura, where human rebels fight the Cyber entities that control the peaceful but static galaxy according to strict WorldPlans. The Cybers send Agent Kurtis to investigate, unaware that she’s now a double agent for the Resistance. Still grieving and nursing betrayals from a Homeworld visit to her estranged family, Ruth arrives on Andura to find a gang of hoodlums destroying the ancient forests in order to sell rare resources.

Escaping both the Cybers and the corrupt rebels, Ruth joins the reclusive natives in the towering branches of the sacred Mother Tree, hoping to enlist their help in exposing a plot that threatens their world and all humans. The digital dictators will have to face more than a band of human Changers. The Cybers can go suck circuits — when the Wild Card is in play, all bets are off.

Originally published by Ace/Berkley (1988)


“Will I pick up Sara Stamey’s second novel? Better believe it!”

—Ed Bryant, Twilight Zone

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