Wild Card Run

Wild Card Run by Sara Stamey

Book 1 of Cybers Wild Card
by Sara Stamey
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(Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-560-1

The Cybers controlling humanity have unwittingly released a rebellious wild card.

The Cyber entities control a peaceful but static galaxy–until they detect unsanctioned developments on the low-tech planet Poindros. They force rebellious Ruth Kurtis to leave the bright lights of Casino to return to her fundamentalist Poindran homeworld as their secret agent to investigate possible Changers.

For reluctant Agent Kurtis, the Cybers’ threat of the memory-erasing Steps of Healing would be less dangerous than facing the repression and simmering angers she escaped as a teenager. But Ruth won’t run from this fight.

The Cybers have calculated all the odds. Except they’ve just unleashed a wild card.

Originally published by Berkley Publishing Corporation (1987)


“Stamey puts feeling into this story of the prodigal daughter.” — Publishers Weekly

“Will I pick up Sara Stamey’s second novel? Better believe it!” — Ed Bryant, Twilight Zone

Best First Novels list — Locus Magazine

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