Whistling Down the Wind

Whistling Down the Wind by Irene Radford

Whistling River Lodge Mysteries #1
by Irene Radford
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ISBN 978-1-61138-843-5

Everyone in the small town of Whistling River, Oregon harbors secrets. Affairs. Embezzlement. Murder.

Glenna McClain, general manager and part owner of the Whistling River Resort and Golf Course, will do anything to protect her beloved Lodge, up to and including helping the former owner fake his death to escape the IRS, ICE, and Las Vegas mob debt collectors.

But when her bigamous ex-husband Jared turns up dead in the water hazard of the ninth fairway and Glenna is suspected of his murder, she must enlist the aid of her attractive new security chief, Craig Knutsen, a former police detective with secrets of his own.

Then two more of Jared’s widows appear, none of whom he has bothered to divorce or marry legitimately, and an arsonist strikes, Glenna and Craig must win the trust of the local police chief, ask for the help of the local coven, and deal with a ghost in order to find a killer before he burns down the Lodge.

The last complication they need is a workplace romance, because that never works. Right?

Originally published by Skywarrior Books (2012)