Wayward Angel

Wayward Angel by Patricia Rice

Rogues and Desperadoes, Book 4
by Patricia Rice

$4.99 (Novel)
ISBN 978-1-61138-124-5

“A gifted story teller”—Romantic Times

Abused and thrown from her wealthy home as a child, taken in and sheltered by peace-loving Quakers, Lady Alexandra Theodora Beaumont tries to lead the religious, obedient life of her adopted parents. But despite all her efforts, Pace Nicholls brings out the willful child she’d once been.

Raised by a ruthless family, Pace must conceal his weakness for defending the less fortunate. But little Dora acts as his conscience, bringing out his worst flaws. To survive and achieve his ambitions, he must avoid her at all cost.

He didn’t realize that the noble Dora could once again become the beautiful Lady Alexandra and be swept forever out of his reach…unless he offers her his hardened heart.

Rogues and Desperadoes:
Book 1: Lord Rogue
Book 2: Moonlight and Memories
Book 3: Shelter from the Storm
Book 4: Wayward Angel
Book 5: Denim and Lace
Book 6: Cheyenne’s Lady

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“Ms. Rice does a great job of creating a fast-paced story with appealing characters and interesting subplots.”—Paperback Forum