Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine by Jennifer Stevenson

A Slacker Demons Novel
by Jennifer Stevenson
$5.99 (Novel)
ISBN 978-1-61138-492-5

A BVC Original

A rock starlet whose biological clock is ticking… An ancient sex demon under orders to make a goddess out of the starlet… A precocious Parisian teen with a bottomless bank account and a stalker obsession for that starlet…

And a son of vodou whose life tangles with the others, as time runs out for his claim to his rightful title in France…

Four lovers. Ancient power. Modern passion. Is love enough to protect their sanity from immortality?

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“Jennifer Stevenson is the mistress of magic, combining vodou, music, and the call of true love in a unique melange. In Walking On Sunshine, Stevenson makes the ancient seem new again, the ordinary seem exotic, and the otherworldly more real than we ever dreamed it could be. Bravo!” —- Mindy Klasky, USA Today bestselling author of the Jane Madison Series