Val Hall: The Odd Years

Val Hall: The Odd Years by Alma Alexander

Book 2 of Val Hall
by Alma Alexander
(Novel, Novel In Short Stories)
ISBN 978-1-61138-849-7

A BVC Original

There are many kinds of superheroes – but Val Hall is a care and retirement home for Superheroes, Third Class – the superheroes who are not gods or individuals of unlimited income who can buy supergadgets, just ordinary people who are… sometimes… somehow… extraordinary.


Val Hall was a sanctuary, a haven raised by the vision and devotion of one man for others of his kind… in the wreckage of the world left behind in the ashes of the conflagration of what they called the Great War.

Men and women in whom an extraordinary moment released one singular extraordinary power, gathered under the definition of Superheroes (Third Class), could gather here in the twilight of their lives in search of security, contentment, care, and peace – they could come here to find, and take shelter with, others of their kind.

From those who could know the unknowable, release gifts trapped in other minds, free ancient memories with a single touch, lead their kin back to the Promised Land, or face down a volcano, their powers are banked – until the instant in which they are kindled into something unforgettable. These are ordinary people, living ordinary lives. They could be your grandmother, your brother, your neighbor, your friend. They could be you.

Val Hall is here for all who have need of it.