Twistor by John Cramer

A Novel of Hard Science Fiction
by John Cramer
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-299-0

A condensed-matter physics experiment in a university physics laboratory produces an unexpected breakthrough, when the apparatus begins swapping normal matter with “shadow matter.” Industrial espionage goes awry and young physicist David Harrison and two small children find themselves inside a giant tree in an alternate Earth populated by strange, wonderful, and dangerous six-legged wildlife. David and the children must find a way back, while dealing with the local fauna and peeking and poking at the Earth they left to thwart the agents who caused their problems.


“Finally, the most exciting novel about the cutting edge of physics since Timescape. Twistor takes you into the lab and through the world of far-out theory, all in a swooping story of adventure.”


Twistor tells an exciting story that employs concepts even more exciting.  Authors who not only know science but practice it are all too rare. John Cramer’s distinguished career as a physicist enables him to give this novel a ring of authenticity not only scientific, but human.”


Twistor is a rare blend of high imagination and fun by a writer who understands how research really works, on both the scientific and human levels, it made me feel as if 1 were back in the lab myself—and glad to be there.”


 “Twistor marks the arrival of a major new science-fiction  talent.  John Cramer knows science, and people.  He possesses  to a phenomenal degree the wit, ingenuity, and soaring imagination all of us hope for; and they make Twistor a book no intelligent reader should miss.”


“True hard science fiction—deftly done, with plenty of fine surprises.”