Twisted Genius

Twisted Genius by Patricia Rice

Family Genius Mystery: Book 5
by Patricia Rice
$6.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-691-2
A BVC Original

Mockery, menace, murder.

All Ana Devlin has ever wanted was a home for her younger half-siblings. Now she has half a mansion plus half a fortune to go with it. But what good is sanctuary when her family insists on creating chaos and endangering lives in their relentless pursuit of justice?

Bent on revenging old debts, Ana’s mother, Magda, is back in town, making a mockery of a powerful presidential candidate. Ana’s brother Nick has found a boyfriend–who nearly gets them both killed for blowing the whistle on a pharmaceutical company’s dangerous painkiller. Ana’s lover, Graham, is out to destroy a Russian hacker who dared attack his secret servers. Her sister Patra is breaking the news story of the century–connecting drug lords and politicians and dangerously wealthy industrialists.

And Ana is the one who is in jeopardy. Can a family of geniuses really be worth the effort?


On Evil Genius: “This thought-provoking story includes a convoluted mystery and some fascinating characters. The interactions between Ana and the mysterious Amadeus are delightful. The ending will leave readers longing for more stories about this captivating heroine and her gifted half-siblings.”

—Susan Mobley, RT Book Reviews 4 stars

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