Trickster’s Dance

Trickster's Dancy by Irene Radford

Trance Dancer: Book 1
by Irene Radford
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-705-6
A BVC Original

Gabby doesn’t dance for herself. She dances to banish evil spirits, illness, and even death. She dances for her people, for the trance visions that are vital to her tribe’s survival.

But her shamanic dances can’t prevent Utopia’s harmony from shattering into the discord of violence. In the post-apocalyptic future, when environmental collapse has reduced humanity to a tiny fraction of its previous numbers, the arrival of strangers means change–and Gabby is too young and untrained to understand the consequences. No one can help her interpret the mystical symbols granted by her raven familiar during her trances.

Change brings conflict. Her longtime friend and lover, the man she hopes to marry, sees war as the only solution. The stranger who touched her heart in a vision has a greater purpose that will take him away to the vast emptiness beyond her village. Neither of them seems willing to help her find a murderer before chaos erupts.

Gabby must dance to save her people. She must dance to stop a war. She must dance to find Truth.



“Radford’s considerable gifts as a mesmerizing storyteller shine with undeniable luster.” –RT Book Reviews

This action-packed plot makes for engaged and thoughtful reading.” –Kliatt

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