Trickster - Silent Empire 3 by Steven Harper

A Novel of the Silent Empire
by Steven Harper
$2.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-114-6

The dream has been shattered, and the majority of Silent who telepathically communicated through it have benn cast out by the event known as the Despair, unable to reenter. Now the remaining Silent still capable of linking to the Dream have become a valuable commodity to those in power seeking to keep the lines of galactic communication open…

In the midst of the Despair, Father Kendi Weaver and the crew of the Poltergeist have a limited window of opportunity to find the loved ones they have lost–including Kendi’s parents and siblings, who were sold into slavery more than fifteen years ago.

But just as Kendi closes in on the whereabouts of his brother and sister, they are taken by a mysterious group intent on using them for their own secret agenda…

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From The American Library Association

In the third novel of the Silent Empire, Father Kendi Weaver and his comrades on the Poltergeist have mounted a shoestring search-and-rescue mission for missing family members, including Kendi’s own parents and siblings. Apart from slender resources, the searchers have to deal only with such minor problems as a disintegrating interstellar economy, a variety of rogues, and slaving rings, who may be responsible for how the sought went missing and who want to make the Poltergeist crew go missing in the same manner. The characters, including the two gay ones, were introduced in Dreamer (2001) and Nightmare [BKL O 1 02]–fine for old readers, but not quite so for new ones. The action remains fast, furious, and absorbing, though, and a cliffhanger ending implies at least one more book.

–Frieda Murray