Touched by Magic

Touched by Magic by Doranna Durgin

Magic Rising Book I
by Doranna Durgin
$3.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-531-1

One man loses everything to magic–and will do anything to prevent it from taking over his world.

Magic has never been a part of Reandn’s life. Almost gone from Keland when he was born, there is no trace of it left by the time he patrols the Keep lands as an elite King’s Wolf.

Magic has never been a part of Reandn’s life. Until the people under his care start dying. Until the threat extends to his family–and then turns on him. Someone, somewhere, is trying to draw magic back into Keland, and they don’t care what–or who–is destroyed in the process.

But Reandn does.


“Doranna Durgin envelops her appealing characters with a rare, shimmering aura of mystic legend.” –Romantic Times

“[Durgin] has a magic touch for creating rich fantasy.” –Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

“I loved Touched by Magic and was sorry to see it end.” –S.M. Stirling

“Mystery, suspense, and loyalty fill out the plot, but primarily this novel focuses on the dangers of obsession. it also deals hauntingly with loss: of loved ones, of home and status, of entire ways of life…. It will keep you guessing right to the end, and there are no simple solutions to the complex problems presented.” –Hypatia’s Hoard

Originally published by Baen Books (1996)

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