The Wolves of Mirr

The Wolves of Mirr by Paul S. Piper

by Paul Piper
(Novel) ISBN 978-1-63632-001-4
A BVC Original

While roaming his beloved mountains, wolf biologist Levi Brunner comes across three women disporting in a pool. They invite him for a swim . . . and he wakes up alone on a beach, below an ancient Greek temple. Real or dream?

There’s no time to figure it out, as bad news hits: a slaughter of a wolf pack on a mountain slope, leading to rising hysteria in town about wolf attacks on humans. Levi tries to face down the forces who want to shoot every wolf in sight. When a local man is found mangled, the clues to the murder somehow lead straight to Levi.

Love and hate, ancient myth and modern politics, mob mentality and justice, are some of the conflicting forces Levi has to deal with as he strives to clear his name, save the wolves, and negotiate the delicate dance of love. This vivid, fast-paced mystery is set in the stunning Montana landscape, where ancient myth becomes real.


“A gripping eco-fiction that partakes equally of the mystery and fantasy genres, Paul S. Piper’s The Wolves of Mirr is an astonishing novel. Compulsively readable and richly imagined, it ranges from Montana’s rugged Bitterroot Mountains to the fabled Peloponnese of Greece, from the present-day wolf wars of the American West to the ancient myth of the wolf-man Lycaon of Arcadia. Piper populates his novel with ecologists and wildlife biologists, a band of naiads, right-wing crazies, immortal werewolves, and profligate real estate developers. Trained both as a biologist and a poet, Paul S. Piper brings a profound knowledge of natural history and an extraordinary lyricism to The Wolves of Mirr. He is the author of South Fork and Other Stories and several collections of poems.” -Rick Newby, author of Writing Montana and The Suburb of Long Suffering

“Paul Piper’s fierce love of wilderness ignites this suspenseful tale of wolves—human and wild, modern-day and mythical. Piper’s lyrical descriptions of the natural world create an immersive enchantment.” – Sara Stamey, author of The Ariadne Connection and Islands

“What a great read! Genre busting! Part mystery, part horror, with a twist of magical realism thrown in for good measure.” -Gary McKinney, author Slipknot and Darkness Bids the Dead Goodbye

“I have no way of expressing what a pleasure it was to read The Wolves of Mirr. I love the way the landscape is a character, and the relaxed, sure-handed narrative voice that resonated throughout. It’s not magical realism so much as geographical magic.” -Bill Borneman, owner, Bedrock Books, Helena, MT

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