The Were Chronicles

The Were Chronicles by Alma Alexander

by Alma Alexander
(Omnibus) ISBN 978-1-61138-892-3

“Everything I knew about the Were was wrong”

A Were of no fixed form, a Random, able to Turn into any warm-blooded creature it sees… a young Random whose failure to Turn forces him into taking his destiny into his own hands and becoming full Lycan in the name of pride and fury, learning things he never thought were possible… a true Shifter, the wild card, Turning into anything he chooses at will… thrown together in a tale of vision, drama, tragedy, and transcendence – in a world in which none of them are safe…

Originally published by Palomino Press, an imprint of Dark Quest Books, 2014 and 2015


This is a rare entity, a Were book that is science fiction and not fantasy and the molecular biology is as good as it gets in SF. Read it, you will enjoy it.” ~ Professor Ralph Kirby (Foreword, Were Chronicles Omnibus Edition)

You will never read another shapeshifter book like this. Every surprise will catch you unwary. And, like me, you will find that others will have to pry it out of your fingers.” ~ Tamora Pierce, author

The experience of being an immigrant, of being different, of being treated unfairly by self-righteous authority and being powerless to do anything about it, are all here, unflinchingly described, shown with all their terrible consequences.” ~ Mike Reeves-McMillan,

Alma Alexander gives you what you want to read in a page-turning book. It would be a great series to read in school! ~ Michelle Randall, Readers Favorite

I really enjoyed this trilogy … The ending was rather sad .. It made me feel the same way I felt at the end of THE TIME-TRAVELER’S WIFE – bittersweet with a side of hope.” ~ Berni Phillips

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