The Time of the Ghosts

by Gillian Polack
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-719-3

Ghosts trail after us. They are our fears and the shape of our hates. We bring them into our lives and into our homes.

Some years our fears and hates are so strong our ghosts turn tangible and fracture our landscape.

Poltergeists and the spirits of drowned girls; malicious presences and portents; cat vampires and roaming bushrangers.

These ghosts haunt Canberra.

Four women — three venerable, and one tender in years — decide that someone has to deal with the problems. One dinner party at a time, one cup of tea at a time, one excursion at a time, Lil, Mabel, Ann and Kat send the beings back to places they should never have left. This is the women’s superhero year.

But each of them has secrets, and three of them face problems only aging can bring.

They never expected werewolves.

Originally published by Satalyte (2015)


“Someone had to write this down. We may be glad that Polack did it with such humour and compassion.” — Kyla Ward, Tabula Rasa

“The book you look for when you need to be reminded that misery and magic and laughter happen to ordinary people too. Ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Ordinary people who turn out to be more intriguing than their extraordinary foes.” — LotusBlade, Goodreads

“A moving tale of loss, memory, and survival — and a great ghost story.” — KJ Bishop, award-winning author of The Etched City

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