The Tesla Diaries

The Tesla Diaries by Pati Nagle

Adventures in Owning an Electric Car
by Pati Nagle
$0.99 (Memoir) ISBN 978-1-61138-733-9
A BVC Original

This short memoir from Pati Nagle is an easy and entertaining read. For anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to drive a Tesla.

I feel like I’m sitting in the future…

When she first became aware of Tesla Motors and its ground-breaking electric cars, fantasy & science fiction writer Pati Nagle thought owning a Tesla was no more than a dream. Reveling in the futuristic wonderfulness of the Tesla Model S, she followed the company’s progress, enjoying her fantasies of having her own Magical Space Car. She took a test drive. She played with Tesla’s Design Studio, designing her own electric dream car.

And then Tesla brought out a new color: Deep Blue Metallic.

Her life would never be the same.