The Silent Empire Omnibus

The Silent Empire Omnibus by Steven Harper

The Silent Empire Omnibus
by Steven Harper
$7.99 (4-Novel Omnibus)
ISBN 978-1-61138-119-1

Within the Dream, telepaths known as the Silent speak freely across the void. Time, distance, and species are no barrier to them.

Unfortunately, this makes the Silent very valuable. It makes them slaves.

The Children of Irfan are a monastic order dedicated to finding enslaved Silent, freeing them, and bringing them back to their home base on the planet Bellerophon. Kendi Weaver’s journey begins in Nightmare when the Children rescue him from Silent slavery. As an adult, he joins their order, and in Dreamer he sets out to find and free other Silent slaves, including a boy who could destroy the Dream–and the universe along with it. In Trickster Kendi sets up the riskiest con game he’s ever devised in order to free his family from slavery. And in Offspring, he joins the shifting, startlingly dangerous politics of his new home on Bellerophon and uncovers frightening secrets within his own family.

Here for the first time, all four compelling novels of the Silent Empire have been gathered into a single omnibus edition.

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