The Passionate Café II

The Passionate Cafe II

A Romance Sampler from Book View Café
edited by Pati Nagle
$1.99 (Sampler) ISBN 978-1-61138-244-0

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‘Tis the season of romance…

Book View Café’s masters of romance offer a new selection of delectable tidbits to tantalize your taste for passion. Lovingly gathered into one convenient ebook, this array of samples from current romance and romantic novels by award-winning and bestselling writers is like a box of bon-bons. A sweet Regency delight, something dark and rich, a touch of the fantastic — which will you taste first?

Since the release of volume one of The Passionate Café in 2010, BVC’s ranks of romance authors have grown. Ever-popular veterans Patricia Rice, Madeleine Robins, and Jennifer Stevenson are joined by the new faces of Sherwood Smith, Patricia Burroughs, Kelly McClymer, Deborah J. Ross, and Julianne Lee.

Book View Café began in 2008 as the vision of a group of writers who wanted to make their work more accessible to readers through the Internet. It is now a publishing cooperative of more than thirty veteran writers, bringing both backlist and original titles into ebook form.

Table of Contents


Lady John by Madeleine Robins
The Irish Duchess by Patricia Rice
Danse de la Folie by Sherwood Smith


A Taste of You by Jennifer Stevenson
Scandalous by Patricia Burroughs
The Ex Files by Kelly McClymer
Garden of Dreams by Patricia Rice


Immortal by Pati Nagle
Northlight by Deborah J. Ross
Interloper at Glencoe by Julianne Lee
Laldasa: Beloved Slave by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Fires of Nuala by Cat Kimbriel