The Ladies Who Got Away

The Ladies Who Got Away by Jennifer Stevenson

by Jennifer Stevenson
ISBN 978-1-61138-912-8

A BVC Original

Four historically-set short stories about women who escape their preordained roles

A Princess of Wittgenstein
A steampunk romance where the metal meets the meat
Ileen is a chambermaid on the run, and a promethean. She is faintly blue all over, and her left arm is not the arm she was born with. She knows she was probably assembled from dead people. But who was she?

Fortunately her new London employers have open minds: Dr Penderby, respected associate of Dr Polidari, works extensively with prometheans and automata, and his wife Mrs Penderby is the founder of the Society for the Broader Definition of Humanity.

Only one person might ruin Ileen’s new life: Soames, the Penderbys’ automaton butler.

Next, two short stories set in a fantastical pseudo-Byzantine city, where the powerful and beautiful Monatin is the proprietrix of an elegant putatorium

The Harlot Escapes
Monatin gets more customer than she bargained for.

The Harlot Deserts
Monatin leaves her putatorium to wage war against her city’s enemies…only to return and find the war on her doorstep.

Finally, an erotic romance about an unconventional pair

Perfect for Her Setting
The Earl of Southford is looking for a new mistress. He interviews Olympia, a courtesan at the height of her powers, a high-flyer famous for refusing any man who cannot satisfy her. Olympia tests him as he has never been tested before…except once.

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