The Jani Kilian Chronicles Books 1-3

The Jani Kilian Chronicles Books 1-3 by Kristine Smith

by Kristine Smith
$9.99 (Box Set) ISBN 978-1-61138-774-2

A three-volume omnibus containing Books 1-3 of the Jani Kilian Chronicles:

Code of Conduct: Jani Kilian has been on the run for 18 years. But when Interior Minister Evan van Reuter, her former lover, tracks her down and begs her help in finding his wife’s killer, she has no choice but to agree.

Rules of Conflict: After eighteen years, Captain Jani Kilian’s life as a fugitive has ended. Captured by the Service, she now faces court martial. It will surely lead to her execution. But relations with the idomeni have deteriorated. Jani’s knowledge of that alien race and her friendship with Nema, their ambassador, earn her a reprieve. And if she is able to help stabilize the crisis, she may be in line for a pardon.

Law of Survival: Jani Kilian finally has her life under control. Discharged from the Service, she’s become an important player in negotiations with the alien idomeni. But when a classified report containing revelations about past crimes comes to light, Jani realizes that old enemies still seek to destroy her.

Originally published by Harper Voyager


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“Smith has imagined an impressive future of believable characters, credibly convoluted political affairs, disturbingly realistic aliens, and fearsome technology…Smith has an exceptional way with character. Jani Kilian is a bold, intelligent protagonist . . . RULES OF CONFLICT has enough ideas to fill several novels. It’s a conspiracy thriller chock-full of suspense and intrigue, populated with compelling characters, and set in an absorbing SF universe. Its richness and depth rewards committed readers.” — SF Site

“Kristine Smith supersedes herself with each new book.” — Janny Wurts, on LAW OF SURVIVAL