The Hinky Velvet Chair

Hinky Chicago #2
by Jennifer Stevenson
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-287-7

Fraud cop Jewel has too much of a good thing. A hot con artist is her new partner and a bossy sex demon is her new booty slave. Now she’s undercover, investigating the Venus Machine, which will make her irresistable to all men! With four con artists vying for possession, it must work, right?

Jewel sits in the velvet chair to prove the Venus Machine is a fountain of flimflam. Looks like she’s wrong about that one…

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The Hinky Velvet Chair
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Praise for the first edition, The Velvet Chair

“This is a very fun book for those who enjoy light erotica and some legal mischief mixed with magic”
–Clayton B. Johnson

“I really really enjoyed this book. Jennifer Stevenson is such an intelligent and witty writer, and I love the fact that the heroine, Jewel, has had a checkered past and is not going to apologize for it.”
–Elaine McCarthy “ECM”

“…engaging, light-hearted urban fantasy…fast paced…very creative”
–Harriet Klausner