The Hinky Brass Bed

Hinky Chicago #1
by Jennifer Stevenson
FREE (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-286-0

Too much of a good thing…is just enough…

In 1811, Lord Randy was bad in bed, so his magician-mistress turned him into a sex demon with a curse: “You don’t get out of this bed until you satisfy 100 women!”  Lucky for Randy, two hundred years later, con-artist Clay finds the bed.

Clay’s scam works until that foxy fraud investigator arrives.  Lucky for Clay, fraud-cop Jewel has a weakness for hunky con men.

Jewel is the hundredth woman, and she accidentally frees Randy from the bed—now he’s her sex slave, and her case against the con artist dissolves in a hail of hormones.  Lucky for Jewel, she’s got a lusty libido.


“More fun than pillow fighting naked!”
—Vicki Lewis Thompson, author of Nerd in Shining Armor

“Jennifer Stevenson puts her own magical stamp on Chicago while creating a sexy, steamy and wildly imaginative fantasy.”
—Chicago Tribune

“bawdy, often flat-out hilarious”
—Jerome Ludwig, The Chicago Reader

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