The Fog of Time

The Fog of Time by Brenda W. Clough

Edge to Center: Book 3
by Brenda W. Clough
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-770-4
A BVC Original

Somewhere, somewhen, time traveler Jack Wragsland has an enemy, an implacable and pitiless foe. It will cost Jack more than his life to defeat him.

What is time travel good for? Well, you need never lose. Redo that failure, rerun that war, reboot that relationship, until it flies. You can do and be whatever you desire.

No one will know — no one can know, if you’re rewriting history out from under them. But what does that do to the time traveler? Jack Wragsland invented the Edge to Center technology, and he’s done it all. He has slain millions, nuked nations, betrayed lovers, and committed suicide. And still somehow he’s hung onto his decency and his soul. But now he’s going to find out how much it really cost him.

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