The Emperor of Earth-Above

The Emperor of Earth-Above by Sheila Gilluly

The Third Book of the Painter
by Sheila Gilluly
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-534-2

After painting the mystical scenes that unlocked the realm of the dead, Aengus the Painter and his lover, the beautiful sorceress Rose, are stricken senseless. The last thing the Painter sees as his spirit leaves his body is Rose’s tortured eyes, begging for help.

When he revives on an unfamiliar shore, his memory is a frustrating blank. The people believe he is Marner, a mighty stranger from the sea who once freed them from an evil emperor.

They hope he has come to save them again from a terrifying ruler who preys upon souls.

Buffeted by tantalizing glimpses of his past, Aengus fights the undying Emperor of Earth-Above–and discovers the shocking truth that binds him and Rose to Marner’s fate.

Originally published by Headline Book Publishing PLC (1993)


“Sheila Gilluly’s The Emperor of Earth-Above is also the real thing: a world which draws on the same store of myth stories and settings that everyone draws on but makes them shine fresh and new.” —Interzone

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