Texas Rose

Texas Rose by Patricia Rice

Too Hard to Handle: Book 2
by Patricia Rice
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-125-2

Evangeline (Evie) Howell grew up in a genteel St Louis home, an abandoned love-child with no one to love her. Then a letter from Texas arrives promising to reveal her true identity.

In desperate need for safe escort to Texas, Evie goes in search of dime-novel hero Pecos Martin, but all she finds is Tyler Monteigne, a hell-raising, womanizing gambler barely suited to escorting bandits. But he can shoot as well as any gunslinger, and is even better at conning his way out of trouble.

Tyler needs to get out of town and the rosy gal standing before him is his ticket. But what Tyler doesn’t foresee is the passion that will make Evie everything he’s ever wanted–and him exactly what Evie fears most.

Original title: Paper Roses (1995)


“A special gift of love and laughter.” —Joan Hammond, Romantic Times

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