Sweet Home Carolina

Sweet Home Carolina by Patricia Rice

by Patricia Rice
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-149-6

Frustrated divorcee Amy Warren is striving to fix her life by helping her home town buy the local mill, and then she can put her Plan for the Rest of Her Life in action by buying a rundown cottage and turning it into her heart’s desire.

Amy’s Plan shatters when Jean-Jacques St. Etienne arrives with loads of cash, charisma, and expertise, with every intention of buying the mill for its designs and then abandoning the community. A European playboy, he has no interest in anything except staying occupied so he needn’t remember the tragedy haunting him.

As mild-mannered Amy and dashing Jacques play a cat-and-mouse game that madly leads to love and can only end in heartbreak, their affair affects the existence of an entire town.

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“Sweet Home Carolina is a terrific romp through gorgeous scenery with smart, witty, and quirky characters. This story has such a warm and loving feel to it… Author Patricia Rice has done a beautiful job…a touching story… 5 Angels and a Recommended Read.”

—Tammy, Fallen Angel Reviews