Silver Enchantress

Silver Enchantress by Patricia Rice

Dark Lords and Dangerous Ladies: Book 2
by Patricia Rice
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-712-4

She’s headstrong and impulsive. He’s bound by honor and duty. Scandal can be their only fate.

Abandoned as a mute child, Eileen has no last name and no memory of her childhood. Despite her early years in poverty, she discovers a happy life with a loving adoptive family, friends, and her painting. But when her aristocratic neighbor steals her wayward heart, she learns that family and art are not enough.

Once a careless rakehell, Drake Neville returns home to the responsibilities of his newly inherited estate. As wealthy Lord Sherbourne, he is obliged to marry his childhood betrothed–but his creative soul is drawn to the beautiful artist with no name. He cannot marry her–yet he will never forget her.

After Eileen helps save Drake’s young cousins from a Jacobite rebellion, he expresses his gratitude by searching for her family. But he uncovers a deadly web of deceit, a nightmare that endangers Eileen, their families, and Drake’s carefully planned future.
Together, they must risk honor, name, and life itself to face the past that haunts her and jeopardizes any chance at love. . .

Originally published 1988

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