Ruler of Naught

Ruler of Naught by Sherwood Smith and Dave Trowbridge

Exordium – Book 2
by Sherwood Smith & Dave Trowbridge
$4.95 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-61138-148-1

In the revised sequel to The Phoenix in Flight, Brandon vlith-Arkad, who fled the Mandalic Palace and his old life only hours ahead of assassination, is now heir to the Panarchy. He wants only to rescue his father, the Panarch. But everyone wants a piece of him.

The Dol’jharians, who smashed the Panarchy and took his father prisoner. A Rifter pirate and her crew, who helped him escape a doomed planet—twice—and now wonder what to do about a royal prisoner with the price of ten planets on his head. And the remnants of the government of the Thousand Suns, for whom he’d at best be an inconvenience.

And that’s before things go seriously pear-shaped. The chase is on, and unexpected detours await.

Authors’ preferred edition, corrected and expanded.

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The Exordium Series:
The Phoenix in Flight
Ruler of Naught
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“…jam-packed with nifty SF technologies, great space battles, fascinating alien races… and a hefty dose of humor to leaven out the characters’ angst… an exuberant, sweeping space opera complete with great action and characters… ”

—Courtney Schafer, author of Whitefire Crossing