Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls

Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls

Edited by Phyllis Irene Radford and
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

$4.99 (Anthology) ISBN 978-1-61138-065-1

The mind tells the story–but the heart inspires it with dreams of what might be waiting Out There.

With evocative stories of lost comrades, alien first contacts, and strange, often unexpected confrontations with evolving science, Rocket Boy And The Geek Girls embraces both our pulp-dream past and cutting-edge future.

Thirteen authors from the Book View Café got together one rainy Saturday afternoon with a big bowl of popcorn and reruns of Buck Rogers. They started comparing short stories and a new anthology took form.

Rare reprints, hard-to-find favorites and new tales all combine in this one-of-a-kind story collection, available exclusively from Book View Press.

What happens when thirteen authors get to giggling over implausible titles for the collection? They choose the most illogical and then they have to write something to go with it. So, yes, there are three flash fiction versions of Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls.

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“Fasten your seatbelts and brace your tentacles. These all-star tales of epic wonder from the genre’s masters will sizzle through your mind like a spaceship on re-entry burn.”

— David Williams, Author of The Burning Sky



“Emancipation” by Pati Nagle
“Rocket Boy on Call” by Pati Nagle
“Blindsided by Venus in the House of Mars” by Nancy Jane Moore
“Sitting Shiva” by Judith Tarr
“Kinds of Strangers” by Sarah Zettel

“Alien Voices” by Phyllis Irene Radford
“Abelard’s Kiss” by Madeleine E. Robins
“Perfect Stranger” by Amy Sterling Casil
“Revenants” by Judith Tarr

“Its Own Reward” by Katherine Kerr
“Your First” by Sarah Zettel
“Gray to Black” by Brenda Clough
“Slick” by Sylvia Kelso
“Ask Arlen” by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

“Steelcollar Worker” by Vonda N. McIntyre
“A Mighty Fortress” by Brenda Clough
“Who Killed Science Fiction” by Jennifer Stevenson
“Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls” by Phyllis Irene Radford